A Match Made in Lockdown | Abacus Divisions

The Beginning

Our match-making story was made possible by an Abacus DIVISIONS commercial agent who thought outside the ‘lock’ and closed a deal. When we reported a few weeks back that video viewing of properties will become the new normal, we all expected that potential buyers or tenants would be able to watch a video link of a property showing from the comfort of their own homes. Unfortunately, hard lockdown was implemented, and no-one could move. Video viewing was no longer an option. The only people who could move around were those working for companies authorised as essential services by the government – and commercial agents aren’t essential services.

The Problem

The only thing our agents could do during this time was to work remotely from home, list properties on online portals, and take enquiries from prospective clients and landlords through our online cloud-based systems. However, once we got a query, we could only send photos and videos and that’s where the process would hit a snag. Physical viewing of the property was not possible and made our jobs very difficult.

The Lightbulb

Melanie Luus, a commercial agent from Abacus DIVISIONS specialising in commercial and industrial properties, decided to make a plan and get the job done regardless of all the obstacles. When a prospective client contacted her, this ingenious agent had a lightbulb moment and found a novel way to do a rental deal during this hard lockdown phase. The call came from a client who is an authorised essential service provider and was looking for warehouse space to cater for the surge in demand for their products. Melanie knew she had all the necessary warehouse space on her books, but there was no way to do a normal viewing with the client under the strict lockdown rules. Determined not to let this opportunity pass her by, Melanie decided there and then that she would do a “reverse video viewing” with the client.

The Solution

The client was directed to the area where the properties are located and when he arrived, he started a video call with Melanie. She expertly directed the client to all the properties that matched his requirements via the video call and talked him through the building specifications of each property as he went along. When they eventually came to the property that could work for his needs, Melanie organised with security to open the property. The client took a walk through the building to see if it was the right fit, all the while accompanied and directed by a virtual Melanie and her knowledge of the property and its potential.

The Happy Client

Needless to say, the potential tenant liked what he saw and quickly became an actual tenant. Melanie and her brilliant idea paid off and she did the deal with him there and then. A true match made in lockdown.

With this great new way of property showing while our feet are tied, we are sure to make even more lockdown matches with happy tenants!

The End

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