Riding on the Corona-Coaster! | Abacus Divisions

We are all on this thing that's busy running away and we have absolutely no control over where it's going! You can't get off it nor can you stop it! Shouting and screaming works for some to cope with the fear, shutting your eyes works for others - but for most of us - just holding on and praying looks like the only viable option for now!

It's now more important than ever that we all keep the wheels of the economy turning as much as possible. Especially for our local economy !

Everybody is going to feel the pinch! This is not going to be easy nor is it going to be over in a short period of time. The outbreak here in SA is a few weeks behind Europe & elsewhere in the world and whilst for us its still "business un-usual - but without restriction of movement" they have all gone into full lockdown with only supermarkets and pharmacies open for business. It goes without saying, the next few months is going to be challenging here in SA and especially so for small businesses owners and local entrepreneurs.

Many families out there are solely dependant on small businesses for their livelihood and none of them can afford to miss a pay check or the commission payments or a tip after a meal. Reality in our country is that lots of people live from hand-to-mouth and don't have the luxury of a buffer to live on.

You can help by making an extra effort to support local businesses through this challenging time and in doing so keeping the demand side of the economy going.

Some practical steps to ensure the wheels keep turning - "DON'T PUT THINGS OFF UNTIL THIS THING IS OVER!" - you might just come back to a supplier or contractor or you local business man being out of business by the time this is all over. If you were planning to do something or buy a product, do it now (I'm not talking about recklessness) - please don't wait and see. Now is a good time to do renovations or upgrades to your home or business premises and in doing so you will ensure that some small business owner has the cashflow to keep paying his staff.

I spoke to my barber yesterday and he was terrified of the idea of not having customers, the family owned restaurant owner was staring over empty tables and all he could talk about was the rent he has to pay, the waitress working mostly on tips only had 2 tables for the day and didn't even make enough to pay for her daily commute, the car guard was guarding over an empty parking lot and now all his business was gone.

It is terrifying times for all - you can do your bit by keeping the demand side of the economy going for as long as you can - in the small ways you can. We must all do our bit to ensure that we get through this with minimal bruising and pain.

Now is the time to say your prayers and hold on tight, this thing is going to "go fast" very soon!

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