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Lee-Anne Bosman

Lee-Anne is a prime commercial and industrial property sales and letting broker at Abacus DIVISIONS with over 12 years of commercial property broking experience.

She has a passion for what she does and has concluded hundreds of successful deals, of which included:

-Sale of a R250 M Portfolio in Highveld, Centurion, Gauteng, South Africa.

-She has SOLD OUT the Route 21 Phase 2 Development in Irene, Centurion, Gauteng, South Africa.

-Closing a successful deal to the value of R60 M.

-Variuos sales of buildings in Route21 Corporate Park between the value of R7 M - R33 M.

Lee-Anne also had great achievements as a recruitment consultant at EOH before joining the real estate industry. Through this experience, she has become skilled at interpreting the needs of her clients and can ultimately serve them better.

Lee-Anne is exceptionally skilled as a commercial property broker.:

Expert Communication skills.

She is a confident broker with a positive mind-set and attitude.

She easily adapts to new and different tools and technologies.

She has excellent personalization and people skills.

Strong relationship building skills.

Good time management.

Negotiation skills.

Marketing skills.

Great problem solving skills.

Lee-Anne is looking forward to your call to conclude your next commercial property deal.


Org Geldenhuys

Representing Abacus DIVISIONS, Org specialises as a prime commercial and industrial property sales, letting and development broker.

Org has a serious passion for property - the meaning of his name (ge-ORG-e) is "farmer" or "tiller of soil" i.e. the one who turns the soil over and develop the soil!

He is an entrepreneur at heart and developed a portfolio in Commercial Property over the past 3 decades! His comprehensive experience in this brokering industry puts him in a league of his own!

He has strong analytical, leadership and communication skills. He is goal-oriented and critical on time-management – the reason for his great successes!

Org is looking forward to your call to conclude your next ideal commercial or industrial property deal.

Specialties: Property Development, Letting and Sales in Commercial Property Industry.


Melanie Luus

Melanie is a prime commercial and Industrial property sales and letting broker at Abacus DIVISIONS with more than 22 years of sales experience.

-Masters degree in BA Social work at the University of Pretoria providing for a global outlook and strong adaptability skills.

-Interpersonal savvy.

-Practiced in the understanding of people’s needs. Crucial for property matching and managing the sales processes.

Melanie Luus is a commercial property sales broker with more than 22 years of sales experience. Melanie started her career as a social worker in 1995. During this time she developed an in-depth understanding of people’s needs, the art of persuasion, organisation and the importance to follow through.

Melanie seamlessly made her transition from social worker to recruitment consultant where she worked at EOH as a recruitment consultant for 17 years and joined the DIVISIONS’ team of property brokers in 2016.

Successfully concluded deals that Melanie brought to the table:

-Industrial Warehouse Solutions/Options of R10 M.

-Office / 5 Year Lease Agreements of R 600 000.00.

Melanie is looking forward to your call to conclude your next commercial property deal.


Renate Rautenbach

Representing Abacus DIVISIONS, Renate is a prime commercial and industrial property sales and letting broker.

Renate sold her first commercial property within the first 6 months of being part of the team.

Renate started in the Hospitality industry after successfully completed her studies with a distinction in Hospitality Management Diploma. For three years in this industry, she developed her strong analytical, leadership and communication skills that promotes who she is in her brokering career today.

The taxing hours of the industry molded her into a hardworking individual with a goal-orientated attitude. She is not afraid to take on a new challenge. She is a definite team player.

Her previous work experience has provided her with the critical people skills and time management abilities that are now invaluable to her Sales and Letting Broker-career at Abacus DIVISIONS for the past 7 years.

Successfully concluded deals by Renate:

-She sold 12 out of 16 Residential development stands (1300m2 – 2500m2) in the Irene area over the lock down period.

- Single handily filled 3300m2 building in Hatfield with various tenants.

- Concluded 2 large sale transactions in Route 21 in lockdown.

- Concluded a 10 year lease on 5600m2 in Midrand.

- Sourced and secured space for a training institute nationally in several locations.

Renate is looking forward to your call to conclude your next commercial property deal.


Francois De Kock

Representing Abacus DIVISIONS, Francois is passionate about doing business, the processes involved, formulating solutions and offerings, closing deals and delivering value to clients.

These skills and experience make him a perfect fit for the commercial property sector where he has been involved for the past two years in a brokering role.

He deals with new property developments (industrial and residential), property sales, land acquisition, bulk rental of residential and commercial property and investment property sales.

He focusses primarily on the Tshwane & Gauteng areas but are open to opportunities nationally.

Successfully concluded property sale deals by Francois:

-Various industrial stands for development;

-Large HA residential development stands;

-Variety of commercial office and retail buildings;

-Investment properties in Pretoria.

Francois is looking forward to your call to conclude your next ideal property deal.


Alta Enslin

Representing Abacus DIVISIONS, Alta is committed to listening to her clients’ needs and utilizing her keen negotiating skills to ensure a successful transaction.

Alta is Member of South African Council for the Architectural Profession.

In the past two years, Alta has become an esteemed realtor highly regarded by her clients and professionals in the field.

Her field of expertise include but are not limited to selling development land; and warehouse sales and rentals.

She has a great passion for property and strive on excellent client relations and negotiation skills. She has an entrepreneurial flair. Her architectural experience and connections with Local Authorities provide great property opportunities.

Alta would like to hear from you to conclude your next property deal.


Kim Stevens

Welcome to Abacus DIVISIONS Kim, looking forward having you on board!